Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Elizabeth de Burgh
Clare has deep history with Royalty. The owner of the land was a woman called Elizabeth de Burgh. I took this aspect of reality and turning her into a character for my plot to make my pieces / characters more personal.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


At college I was given a Final Major Project based on a space that I find that is personal to me. I chose a local village of Clare because its a place where I can let my imagination go free. I thought about how Clare would be if it was in different parallel universes and create a character based on these different thoughts.
I thought about how the future of Clare would be like in a different world. maybe the entire earth is one big city and the countryside is just built upon. I created this character to represent this age. Her trousers is the map of Clare to show that even though a place is totally gone, you will always have your roots. Her hands are some sort of light to represent how there is hope in such a dark age.

- Levi

Monday, 1 April 2013

† Photography 5 †

This is a photo which I took of the Antiques Centre in a local village called Finchingfield.
I took this image for my college work, because we're doing a project on places and spaces. Using somewhere personal to us.
To me Finchingfield is very personal because It used to be my favourite village when I was a young child. I was captured, and memorized by the authenticity of this British village. I didn't know the name of the village back then, so I referred as ''the pretty place with the pond and the antiques place''
I love the Antiques centre of Finchingfield because its like an actual labyrinth of memories and documentation of art and surroundings.
I took this picture of the Antiques centre because I wanted to show it as a gateway to a mystical place. The gothic gargoyle and lifeless tree branches creeping up the wall adds a depth of intriguing values, which I find is very important for such a place as a Antiques Centre
I gave the image a type of polaroid effect to add ageing; enhances the feel of antiques.
I added a second layer of the same photo and enlarged it so it adds an effect of drawing you into the image.

- Levi

Sunday, 3 February 2013


This is a Drawing of an apple I did. I used the media of Pencil and paper to create this.
Today I was studying the form of an apple for my college work. I realised how much the curve which is created when someone bites into it looks like a hour glass. The apple (like many objects) decays. So I decided to make the apple itself into a hourglass. slowly dripping/ rotting to dust.

- Levi

Thursday, 1 November 2012

† Photography 4 †

This is a Photograph of a Sphere Chandelier.
The image is set at a landscape format to give a sense of Imperfection (not showing the rest of the chandelier)
The vocal point of this image is to the bottom part. The reason of this is to show a gradient of blur to focus.
I like how the crystal pieces show enough light, without flooding the image .
I also like how there is contrast between the yellow and black. The yellow is used as a softer tone, Which gives a calm look to the image.
I don't like how the chandelier doesn't look very crisp. Doesn't seem to show enough detail in the upper part of the image. I also don't like the way the blur effect shows movement. To avoid this in the future, I should hold the camera more steadily and not move too much when I am taking picture.
The image was edited with a Yellow tint overlay, to express the values of light more clearly.

- Levi

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

† Photography 3 †

This is a Landscape Image of a river with a field in the background. 
This was took locally in the Spring.. Hence there is no leaves on the trees.
I love How the water reflects a warm feeling while the field shows more of a cold, frosty, winters morning effect. These two factors adds great contrast of warm and cold to the image.
The out of focused plant in the foreground gives identity.
I edited this image with a Purple overlay to show the cold side of Winter / Spring mornings.

- Levi