Thursday, 21 May 2015

Clare Part 2


This is my final piece for BA3! I really disliked the idea of the window and slits being on the same cylinder together. So it would be best to seperate the two and have them on separate follies. Since after all, I want to show difference and broad aspects of the Medieval Architectures. I had a small problem with the AO, It bugged out often on my mini laptop. So I decided to add the AO manually and drew shadows/ depth within the piece, since my strength in 2D is shading. Its important for me to incorporate both 2D & 3D . The graffiti....  I am very intrueged by grafiti on churches etc ( old architectures) It gives it strong character about the area.  Grafitti is spontaneous and not really premeditated. So I made it as random as possible. I love getting a kick out of conspiracies. So why not add an illuminati eye  to it ;) since TONS of conspirists complain about the entertainment brainwashing us with 'satanic symbols' Im sure game Devs love to play around with them. The unicorn... I want to get really close to it feeling of juxtaposition between fantasy and reality. Medieval castles are often seen to coherent with dragons and unicorns... why not include this literally on my piece and RUIN the folly with all these awesome forms of art. I added a cheeky reference to Banksy by adding his logo.

I had many problems with the door its self ( the arch) not going well with extruding it out. I sorted this problem by making a reactangle and extruding it out in a way all the edges joined and manually choose vertex's and shifted them to make it look more genuine like  stone.

Royal Arcade

I looked into the Royal Arcade To get a wide range of studies from different sort of architectural styles.

I looked into the brick joinings and the  different type of patterns the wall had, also a look into the colours used and textures

The columns of the Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade has a variety of brick work and textures.

The basic shape of the Royal Arcade,

A look into the Ambient Occlusion of it. & the different ways the textures are set out among the Arcade. 


I realised that I dislike the window. It would be so much more appealing if it was singular. It needs to be simple with a hint of  ' wow'.


Here are iterations of the top slit one . I prefer the bottom (2nd from left) 

This is the different types of shapes of windows that are found around in Medieval architecture.

reflecting back to my studies. This is how it would look like if it was in tris, singular etc. I like the trio the most,

The different types of arch outline borders. I like the top left the most because its very medieval

Here i have experimented further and looking into different types of aspects for the border. more messy?bigger stones?

finally I looked into the mesh coverage / lead support of the window. The bottom right is most interesting because it seems most likely to fit with the medieval theme. its not just a generic line/ box, but it  varies.

To get into the aspect of the door, I started by the shape of the top of the door arch. is it a curved arch? pointed? I like it in between ( because Hannah Montana once said '' You get the best of both worlds'') I then progressed forward to looking into the different 3D qualities it may behold.

I want to look into the different ways plank number can variate. I like the second from left , It doesnt seem too much or too little. then its about the support of the door.  I love the far left, It seems normal and typical for a medieval door.,

experimenting with different knobs of it. I lke the globe, since it seems practical.

The different types of stone arches, I like the one in blue because its a normal brick arch way which you would find on a medieval piece.


Different types of roofs for the folly.I like the pointed top with the castle ridges the best because it adds to the medieval effect more.

I made a 3D piece with the base shape of the folly, and then drew on it . This helps me convey the idea because I am including both of my 3D and illustration, 

I like the one with a line of windows (slits) where the archers would be able t shoot from and a plain window piece set underneath it to attract the same aspect of a true medieval piece.

Here are the different types of bricks that were used in actual pieces of architectural pieces. I prefer the middle right (bottom) the most, because it seems the most simple, and somewhat more of a structure than the rest. With medieval architecture, its a structure of safety. Its more to create safety for oneself rather than to suggest a sense of beauty. maybe it can be a juxtaposition to the countryside.

Here are developmentation of different ways i can use the windows etc. I prefer the 2nd from left bottom, It seems simple. without being too simple. Its just enough to give an impact to the player to think ' yes, this is medieval'.

Different types of colour co-ordination. I chose more subtle pieces of colour because it seems more natural for medieval architecture. I like the monochrome one best, Medieval architecture Is really a monochrome colour (brick wise).

The roof details. I did a quick study of roof details  and the pattern it beholds. I prefer the messy one best. It gives a sense of imperfection to the folly.  


The basic forms of a Folly is in a these sihlouettes (top) rectangle, square, dome top, triangular top.
middle row is the top view of Follys, they can be square or circular. The bottom row is how they would appear 3D.

Experimenting with the top birdeye view. here is the view of the square piece and how it appears overhead. I everimented throughly with different shapes added to it and different areas they would be set it.

I did the same for the more circular ones too since both circle and square were my favourite basic ones. They appear more appropriate for Medieval.

looked into the height variation between 2 if they were to be influenced from the sihlouette piece. I experimented with different outlooks  and types of height that can make it different. I also experimented with the bridges and how they can change I like the top right the most because it seems most appropriate with medieval architecture.
I like the idea of having the pieces of cylinders and have many of them. Taking both inspiration from the birdeye view and the sihlouettes I decided to go further and add the two together. Here are the different variations between the twp. I prefer the far right on the middle row because it seems more appropriate for a medieval style piece. Its not very difficult too.

My favourite one was the circular with another circle next to it. so i decided to take this iteration further and looked into the different aspects of it. If they looked better the same size, In the red is the different ways the bridge connnecting the two can go, it can arch around or go in a straight line, I like the far left with a line going straight between the two because it seems most appropriate for Medieval. 

I also looked into the ways it would be coherent with the landscape, since a folly is a small object which works with the garden and not against it. I love the far right  because it gives a sense of mystery to the folly. like its also apart of the landscape. built in.


Here is a moodboard for the theme I would wish to look into for my folly. A folly is a piece of decoration used to give decoration to a garden of someone of importance. Or even just the rich. I am very fond of the medieval like style of my research and would like to look more into the folly being a medieval piece. I have an understanding of medieva architecture from my reasearch. This will benefit me greatly to create a Folly based on this architectural era. I also want to even create a sense of it being somewhat abandon, Taking inspiration from the damaging of the studies. I will look into this to become a part of my creation.

Here I started off by creating Silhouettes by using Alchemy to give me a more random flow of ideas from my project. I used a range of different brused to give me different outcomes. like experimenting with a more sharp and harsh edges for an effect to give it a sense of fierce attitude, like the Lion gorgons of the cathedral gave. I also chose more subtle and soft shapes to possibly look into a more cylinder based object. lowering the ocopacity of the paint made it able to give a sense of overlaying. and finally there is a more wild and free sense by using the random picture tool. This made it give an impression of it being organic like the decorations. I didn't like these, so I decided to  go more random by making it so the plant itself of the garden gives its form towards the development. I used a range of flowers and hammered them in a piece of paper, to be given a random and different silhouette each time for my folly. I experimented further by editing it different times to give a different outcome, even by rotating the canvas helped too

Here are the 'detailed' drawings of the top 6 silhouettes of the piece. ( from top left to right, bottom left to bottom right order).  1 - Here i saw a basic folly on a floating flower island on water. 2- Here is a tower two. 3 - A more steeper and thinner set of towers joined together. 4 - a small folly with a balcony and columns, 5 - a columns with a twisted middle. 6 - a plain block of 2 follies with a bridge connecting. Personally I prefer the 6th one because its simple and has a sort of realism theme that may be approachable with medieval theme.