Thursday, 20 November 2014

Final Enviromental pieces

Here I made my piece as if its a setting on a lake village. I used mist to give a atmospheric glow to the lamps out side of the homes. and in the distance you can see specs of red to give off a spooky appeal to the viewer . the moonlight is faded slightly into the mist to give the extra spooky feel

Here you csn see the Tinderbox staring over the distance into their 'home' based in the forest on the other side of the bridge, I made it so the closer the trees are to the house the more red they are to give a haunting effect. perspective is used on the bridge to suggest its far away


The Prodicle Daughter - John Gollier

The lighting in this piece is intensified to show the border of the mans body at the table, shinning onto the girl next to the door proudly. This suggests how she may be very confident not just by how she has her stance, but also because of the intese like. the light may of bounced of the mirror and onto the woman's back crouching / getting up from the table.

Assasins Creed Concept art.

The lighting in this image is intense in the middle, shinning onto the wet ground further down the image, which then reflects up to the ceiling and seems to get scattered across in some mist. The light which is more distant is more affected by the atmosphere and mist. highlights are shown in the bottom left corner to keep the viewer interested  and is a reflective of the intense light from the middle.



 Types of  Composition :
-Rule of Thirds
-The 'L'
-The cross

Dishonored Concept art

Within this image I can clearly see a indication of it being the Iconic Composition. The tarnished object at the bottom of the image represents a strong 'V' shape , which is mirrored but a juxtaposing source of light being suggesting to create a diamond formation of an Iconic composition. The bottom half of the image is composed with darkness and water , while the upper half is deemed partly light
 ( within the diamond form ) and is opposing the bottom half with not just the light but also the elements and how its a gas opposing water.

Dali - Slave Market

The red table in the foreground is a clear indication of where the 'L' composition begins. The horizon behind, neatly meets up well with the surface of the ornament on the table. To break the form and to git it its true form of an 'L' shape a lady is sitting at the end of the table

Final Piece

Journey To Final Piece

Here is my character poses I consider for my final piece. Each one shows a side to Tinderbox, eg the top two are feminine  and the bottom two are more masuline. The bottom right Is masculine but with a femine touch. So I may develop this one further

Looking at the different was the ribbons blow, are they draping? and they spontaneous or are they blowing in one direction? I like the spontaneous one ( top right ) because it  suggests how a flame can have a life of its own and glide around.

Different types of enviroments to work with, the top is the character standing infront of a mountain in a pale moonlight, The middle is her in a completely blacked out area, with mist surrounding, this can add a secret / mystery to the character. 
The bottom one is the character in the middle of a lake , standing on the water to suggest their supernatural possibilities

I chose this atmosphere and pose because it adds mystery and dominance to the character. The eerie atmosphere gives a feel to be afraid of her.

Character & Model Sheet

Idea of final character

Facial Features and Head

A feature which I find Important to the character is the eyes becasue they are deemed to look into the soul of a 'person' and you could tell alot about someones emotions by their eyes.
I experimented with a sold black eyeshadow to give a sultry appearance and looked at different types of eye colour I can use to make the Tinderbox appear more alien like and not asian looking at all. I liked how blue looked so i developed that further in the smoky eyeshadow using accents of red and yellow etc. I realy loved the ombre red look but the eyes didnt really match it so I went back to an eyecolour which would match the eyeshadow, either red or black. Black seems to lure the viewer in So I chose this.

To give a demonic tone I went for the idea of what if  their eyes were made of fire. or the source of fire? What if it was an hulk affect, and whenever they got mad their eyes would go into a fiery trance. Personally my favourite is 'C ' Because of how its like her entire eye has been engulfed by a unknown power.

Out of these hairstyles I prefer the bottom left updo and the curly hair next to it... what if during her time of shapeshifting between the two personalities of the normal to the glowing eyes, her hair changes?

Clothing & Body

 I want to focus on the body shape its self this time instead of jumping straight into the clothing. the top left I have shown to look at different type of shaping of the body, making The Tinderbox a little bit wider, then broader, or slimmer. to get the right androgynous feel for the character. I settled on a standard looking body shape but thought it didnt look broad enough to be seen as a genderless being. so i refined the lines with red to show where i needed to improve to make them more to my imagination. the red portrait is the final body imagine, with a obvious hips and more of a broad structure the figure looks more like they can be either male of female. . The top right I looked into the bust. I wasnt sure if I wanted their but to be big or small. I dont think having breasts should even be in the thought, because i want to make them as unsexulised as I could without losing the sensual vibe of the flame. But the sensuality can be shown through the way their flame moves around the body. and not by their body itself, yet their walk and stride can mimic a flame in some sense to give the vibe.

My personal favourites are the top far left. and the bottom, second from left. The reason is because they seem fierce and dominant in their attire. 

Here I want to go int depth of the detail of the top half and look into the swinging arm area of the Kimono too. My favourite is the Bottom row , far left. Because of how different it looks with the arms. But If I was to improve it, I would make the swinging material longer. I really dislike the top far right because it could over power the design with too much going on with ribbons etc.

I experimented with different types of colours which could be found around in the architecture of Edo Japan. I chose the Black and Red as my favourite pieces because of how they relate so much with theme of fire and Edo Japan. Overall I like Black the most because it shows more of a sophistication. But I can possibly add a small pattern of red ombre onto it to give it more dimension?

To still keep it seemingly traditional I wanted to work with traditional Edo foor wear, Which are there sandals. I experimented with a range of colour co-ordination, My favourite is The fully red one, becasue it seems more coherent to the flame.

For the full effect of the flame, why not make the shoe the flame? I varied in 3 different ways the shoes can be on fire: one, only have the back of the shoe on fire so you get the idea that the shoe is like a trail, like the fire ribbons. two, make it so the shoe seems to be the light source ( the white ) or three, The shoe is more like a feeder to the flame ( like coal, represented by the black idea ) But out of all these I fell like it would be too much for the character piece and may not include it.